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Week 9


Week 9-Still Kicking

October 17 and 18, 2007.  Here are some strings that I haven’t developed but together they make a day or two of stuff.  Barcelona is a frumpy New York or London or Paris.  People don’t seem to even have any idea about smoking and will light up with no thought about where they are, other people, their own health, their children’s health, or anything else. People are very nice.  David and Joshua are ahead of their entire classes and are probably a class back from where they should be.  Our white couches have a brown line around them from Rocket scratching himself on them (what were we thinking? White couches).  There is some good step running here.  I had my first private Spanish lesson today.  I think it went well.


October 19, 2007.  The Giles got here yesterday from Aspen.  Apparently it was snowing there and they had such a difficult time with the Aspen airport, they drove to Grand Junction.  We all live for those types of wonderful travel experiences trying to get out of or into Aspen when it’s snowing.  Of course, a few hours later, the sun shines, and it is beautiful weather.  Anywho, Lisa hit the ground running (literally as we all know) and had already done a one-hour run by the time the rest of us had sorted out our days.  I had a soccer game to watch (David’s first game as part of Maddox Sports team).  He scored one of their four goals and the team won one and lost one.


October 20, 2007.  The plan was to visit Segrada Familia, the famous church-like structure under construction since the change of the century and originally designed by Gaudí, the modernist architect that is famous and venerated in Barcelona.  In any case, after Lisa went for a run, Anne went for a run, I went for a run it was close to 1:00 and time to go.  First to the Segrada Familia where we tried to take some photos.  It’s not easy with all the extras milling around, but we tried.  We didn’t go in because the lines were too long due to the extras wanting to see the place, but the outside is pretty impressive.  Remember that part was built during Gaudí’s lifetime and the construction continues as long as they have funds – chances are it will never be complete.


Then off to the museum of contemporary art where we saw some strange video creations and a lot of old movies being passed off as art.  Also a painting or drawing or two of Picasso, Miro, etc...


For dinner, we once again made the mistake of trying to go to Cerveseria Catalyuna, where we never get in.  I’ve given up on the place.  We went over to our local pizza place and got right in, no problem given it was early for dinner (8:15).


October 21, 2007.  Off we went after making stops at Starbucks to see the professional bike race at Mont Juic and then try to go to the Miro museum.  We watched the bike race a bit, which was cool, then off to find the museum closed (it was 2:00).  Then dinner at home (much easier).  Rob seems to be taking it easy and enjoying Starbucks (as am I); Lisa is managing to get early morning runs in to not upset anyone as she’s getting ready to run the New York Marathon on November 4.  We took a lot of photos, a smattering of which are below.













October 22, 2007.  I had a Spanish (sorry, Castellano) lesson this morning; the Giles and remainder of my family went to Mont Juic to see the castle (closed today too) which we missed yesterday.  We have planned a trip to London for two days (November 1 to 3) but have to find somewhere to keep Rocket. 


October 23, 2007.  The Giles left at some ungodly hour this morning.  I had called for a taxi for them last night -- no easy feat.  In any case, we are back to routine, if you call routine eating breakfast, pooping, walking the dog, studying Spanish, getting a hair cut (such that it is), going for a run, helping out at David and Joshua's school -- hey, it is routine.  I dress it up, and make it sound better next week.  Tomorrow starts Week 10 !