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November 7, 2007.  I was at Spanish class, which is basically for me a discussion/conversation and was talking with my teacher.  I noted that I am getting to the point where I may need to do something other than try to learn Spanish.  Because there is no added value I can bring to the ski business in Spain, I might consider real estate.  The market here is at that strange stand-off point where sellers won’t lower their prices and buyers won’t pay what sellers are asking, so nothing is moving.  The US is about to have a recession and that will probably be world-wide.  It could be an interesting time. 


November 8, 2007.  Anne and I went to Starbucks this morning, hung out.  Then off she went to class and I somehow managed to kill the day without doing anything.  I read the NY Times on line – it looks like the stock market is in free fall.  I also had some annoying news from Carbondale and some good news from Aspen.  So it goes.  Anne and I went to parent teacher conferences in the afternoon where we confirmed that they are both smart; David is getting by with the least he can do, which we have to change.  Sounds familiar.


November 9, 2007.  I went to Spanish this morning and felt tired since I ended up staying up for some time last night to write a business letter.  Then at my class I started to feel even worse and by the time I was home I realized I had some sort of virus, probably what Anne had.  That made the rent of my day one watching Spanish TV and eating nothing.  Anne went to David’s soccer game where they lost 12 to 0! 


November 10, 2007.  This morning I slept in to get rid of any remaining vestiges of the virus from yesterday.  Anne took the dog on a run and talked with a Bolivian woman, she reported.  She’s learning the language very quickly and accurately and said “it’s like a dream come true.”  Oh yeah, also the boys ... and you too.  Went to the local market (Mercat in Catalan) and bought all sorts of stuff, meat, vegetables, etc... and ran into our friend Christina who helped us find an apartment.  She introduced us to some of the sellers.


November 11, 2007.  We went to see the departure of the Barcelona World Race today, a new two-man crewed race around the world on very high-tech vessels.  Getting there we walked through some of the narrow alleys (Ah..the sweet smell of day-old urine) near the famous Ramblas area/street (very touristic and very full of pick pockets).   

There was a tent with nice displays for the boys of some of the technology and other basic information.  The dog enjoyed himself too.  It was super crowded in town, not any issue with lack of critical mass here as 200,000 people and 700 boats apparently showed up.  Anne and I split up, Anne took the dog, I took the boys and we met back at the apartment after much public transportation.


Also, here's a photo of me with my first design project in Barcelona.  I was told it looked shody.  It's all the contractor's fault!  I have the plans and specs to prove it.