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Welcome to our diary of our trip to Barcelona, Spain. 

Hi all,


First, thanks so much for the many thoughtful ideas and comments we have received with suggestions for our web site.  As you all know, it’s going through “growing pains” so there are issues with usability, support, customer service, and content.  In order to address these concerns and to continue to improve and upgrade the product, we have chosen to move to a Blog.  It can be found at



What this means to you, the user, is that you will see a more friendly interface, a much cleaner design and the ability to comment “on the record.”  This is something that we look forward to having both of you do!


We plan to keep the site password protected and the username (username) and password (password) will remain unchanged.


Some other improvements will include better picture galleries and improved responsiveness to comments from you, our valued visitors.  We will keep the old site up and running since it has some photo galleries that we haven't tried to put on the new Blog (yet).


Barcelona is a city of 4.2 million people and we're planning to live here for 10 months.  We will make a ton of mistakes that will cost us a fortune but to have a don't-give-a-damn attitude.  We'll fill you in on every powerful feeling, meaningful encounter and important learning experience, not to mention what really happens to us during our time in Barcelona.

So much has occurred.  We're writing this in Week 8 and feel like we've only been here seven weeks.  Here we are in Girona with the entire family -- note how carefully David is holding Rocket.

Here we are (below) in week 4 in the Uhlfelder News Production Center.  Joshua is holding our certificate about having won the annual Uhlfelder News award given to a web site (second place).  Later that same evening, the celebration continued with a meal on our deck overlooking Barcelona (photo on right) followed by strawberries and chocolate.

Read more about it by clicking in week four .















Here is the way the weeks work.  We arrived on August 21 and that's when Week one starts.

Week One -- August 21 to August 28

Week Two -- August 29 to September 3

Week Three -- September 4 to September 10

Week Four -- September 11 to September 17

Week Five -- September 18 to September 24

Week Six -- September 25 to October 2

Week Seven -- October 3 to October 9

Week Eight -- October 10 to October 16

Week Nine -- October 17 to October 23

Week Ten -- October 24 to October 30

Week 11 -- October 31 to November 6

Week 12 -- November 7 to November 13

Week 13 -- November 14 to November 20